Walk-in Ramat Gan

Walk-in Ramat Gan

Ramat Gan is a small town next to the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv. The name of the city is translated as “Garden Upland” and not casual. There are a huge number of parks and gardens, and to the south, you will find a unique safari park where anyone can watch the life of exotic animals.

The largest walking park in the whole center of Israel is the park located between the cities of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, and Bnei Brak. On the territory of the park, there is a water park, a Zipori bird park, a lake with ducks and swans, a menagerie with pheasants, ostriches and other animals. In the park you can roller skate, run, ride a bicycle, or just relax.

The football stadium Ramat Ghana is the largest in Israel and accommodates more than 40 thousand fans. This is one of the home arenas of the Israeli national football team. The stadium hosts matches of the main stage of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League and in addition to the main arena, there are two training fields, parking for 3900 cars, cafes, and restaurants. At different times, world-famous stars performed here: Depeche Mode, Elton John, Madonna, R.E.M., Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Leonard Cohen, Sting, Metallica, Simon and Garfunkel, and Bob Dylan.

Also, the city is known for having the world’s largest diamond exchange. On its territory is the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum, be sure to visit this beautiful place.

Ramat Gan is a small city and if you have already passed, as it seems to you, all the sights, take a look at the territory of Bar-Ilan University. The university was created with the aim of combining Jewish religious education and classical higher education. The university has schools: pedagogy, social workers, a business school and an engineering school, so many young students study here.

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