You should definitely get acquainted with the culture of the Jewish people in the city with ancient history – Yavne or better known as Yavniel. It is located just a few kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea and borders the cities of Rehovot and Ashdod.

It is best to come to Yavne in the summer, as the winter is very rainy. The driest month is June, the temperature here rises to + 26 degrees.

Interesting ancient sights in this city you can see everywhere. The first thing to visit is the tomb of Rabbi Gamaliel. The second place of pilgrimage for Jews and Muslims. In the XII century, the church of the Crusaders stood here. Today, you can only admire its picturesque ruins. Of particular interest to travelers are the remains of the ancient city, here you can see the fortress with the graves of the old port of Yavne, which served to protect the port. In the local park, you can walk along the stone bridge, or as the locals call it the “jumping bridge”. This name came from the fact that in the old days there was a tubercle in the middle of the bridge, carts passing by it all the time jumped on it.

Particular attention is drawn to the water park Yavne. Its dimensions reach up to 30 ha. For lovers of swimming, 5 pools are available, as well as a jacuzzi, sauna, and gym.
There are few hotels in Yavne, but you can always settle nearby, literally 7 km away. The most popular hotels are Miami Villa, Sur La Mer Ashdod Boutique Hotel and Barud Gedera Israel Holiday Home. Despite this, you can get unhindered access to the premium escort service 24/7. The most beautiful call girls in Israel will be delivered from Tel Aviv.

The kitchen is represented by a large assortment. There are pizzerias: Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Pazzaz, Asian cuisine River Noodles Bar Yavne, coffee houses Landwer Coffee, Cafe Lyon.