Even before the emergence of Israel as a state, Jews bought a piece of land located south of Jaffa. At this place, the following villages were formed: Green, Moledet, Kiryat Avoda, Shkhunat-Am, and Agrobank. Later they merged, the name Holon appeared and the status of the city was obtained.

In the west, Holon goes to the city of Bat Yam, in the south to Rishon Lezion, in the north to the Azores and the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv.

Holon is considered the “Children’s Capital of Israel”, as it is rich in children’s entertainment and educational institutions. Every year, the biggest carnival in honor of the holiday is held here – Purim.

Not surprisingly, the symbol of the city is children. Most of the projects are aimed precisely at them.

The most prominent is the Garden of Stories project. These are 35 parks with playgrounds and environmental sculptures. You can visit the water entertainment center, Tel Giborim Park, the comic book museum or just roller-skating. Yamit-2000, the largest park with water attractions. You will have the opportunity to ride on more than
20 water slides and swim in several pools.

If you want to plunge into the world of silence and tranquility, the Media Center cultural center will open the door for you. This is a huge library of our time, it stores books in 6 languages.

Just take a walk, you can go to Peres Park. Here you can admire the fountain in the form of a waterfall.

Also, the design museum is striking in its scale, its area is 3700 square meters and is intended for design exhibitions in all directions.

Especially for children, local authorities built the Children’s Museum. Interestingly, this museum offers to touch and feel objects.

In Holon, you can come to the exhibition of buses that Egged has ever used.

There is another very unusual museum-laboratory of digital art. It was created specifically so that everyone could get acquainted with the latest in the art world. Here you can plunge into the era of computers, as well as get acquainted with new videos, photos and Internet art.

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