As the practice of ordering an escort lady becomes more ubiquitous, a growing number of people are choosing this option in seeking romantic companionship or a sexual encounter. However, even though resorting to the services of a priestesses of love is becoming more and more common, it is important that people understand the difference between privacy and discretion. From the very beginning of the process of arranging a vacation with an escort girl, it should be clear what level of confidentiality will be most appropriate to ensure that both parties leave happy with the encounter. In addition, clients should be certain that questions about the allowability of actions and availability of certain types of services will also be strictly confidential and will not go beyond the negotiations about the arrangement, because both parties are interested in it: both the client who cares about his reputation outside of a vacation with a girl, and the cooperating girl will most likely not be interested in excessive awareness of her environment about her her clandestine occupation.

Fortunately, these ways to provide privacy and give clients the opportunity to enjoy those experiences and satisfactions they are desiring are real and exist. We simply need to break them apart, which is exactly what we will do now.

Because we are living in a not very stable environment, a society full of constantly altering, uncertain or even double standards, it would be ideal to have complete anonymity in all involvement and interaction with all the things about which there is no fixed and defined status, such as the appeal to call girls, whether they are providing the services of escorts, prostitutes or lap dancers. But, unfortunately, today’s reality is such that to hope for complete anonymity is at least naive, and in general: That’s why it is possible and necessary to take minimum measures such as purchasing of anonymous SIM-cards or phone numbers in the countries where it is still possible, to avoid such embarrassing situations like when you exchange phone with a new acquaintance or a friend, your sexual preferences or your intimate fantasies in sex are suddenly displayed in the caller ID card, and it is good if it is something harmless like: “Tom 69” and not “Alex golden shower” or “Pinie – passive anal”, so the ideal is either to use services anonymously, or deal only with reliable service providers who know what they do, value their reputation and appreciate their clients.

These are agencies or independent girls who strongly appreciate trustworthy relations with the clients and keep everything in secret as much as possible. Such advise you what and it is better to do to avoid getting into trouble, since your safety is also a representation of their competence.

What kind of safety are we talking about? Here it is very simple: in the physical aspect, it is the safety of you and your money – it is the reputation of the agency or the girl when you order a certain thing and get exactly what you pay for, and remain satisfied. You are not robbed, not cheated, you are spending time exactly with the girl you asked for and she provides exactly the service that was mentioned. No less important here the personal hygiene and the physical health of the working girl: whether she is well-groomed, invests into and taking care of herself, is fit and in shape, does not ignore preventive contraceptive methods or disinfection procedures, is neat, clean and regularly undergoes medical screening for sexually transmitted diseases.

And last but not least is the feeling of being safe and of intact personal freedom: Not in all countries turning to call girls, stripteasers, prostitutes or escorts is legal and has potentially no consequences, but well qualified adult entertainment professionals understand that it is in their interest not to compromise the client, as it is their livelihood and reputation too. No one is interested in paying additional expenses in the form of criminal or administrative penalties, once all parties are satisfied, and premium segment workers are doing their job that one way. It’s important to remember that if there is no victim or affected party claiming to have been harmed, then proving a violation of law or someone’s rights will be very difficult if not impossible, and that at the end of the meeting someone is a little more satisfied and someone else – happier and more self-confident So if no one admits any accusations against them and both sides insist that everything that happens is consensual, and it is your private business and private life, in which no one has the right to interfere, then there will not be any problems with the law.

To sum it up: when you call an escort or resort to the services of a prostitute, anonymity is a very important component that cannot be neglected. The positive part is that every country has a slightly different attitude. Less critical is for example calling a girl stripper for a friend’s bachelor party or a session of relaxing massage during a vacation. It also depends on the client’s social status, job title, and other factors. In some countries, as for example in Canada, all clients of prostitutes are using an additional virtual number, not linked to the their personal identity, so they can arrange their appointments with the call girl. In countries where it is illegal to use prostitutes’ services, such as Switzerland or Israel, it makes sense to turn only to reliable and reliable prostitutes or their representatives, for whom reputation and positive reviews are more important than easy money, some untrustworthy representatives of the adult entertainment industry behave in a completely opposite way, thinking that clients have no choice. But in the meantime there is always a choice, for example: to leave a feedback and to read the reviews of others in order to address to another provider, or, alternatively, just to deny yourself the dubious pleasure with such a girl next time, unless it makes you feel happy. In other countries on the contrary: the border between a sex worker and a masseuse is blurred or completely disappeared, and saying one thing often means another, for instance in Thailand. In any case, it is always very important that clients do not take unnecessary risks, which could jeopardize their safety or reputation, because any carelessness can have far-reaching consequences, even outside of that moment and that country, where you decided to use the services of a call-girl and have a pleasure.

In addition, although it seems obvious to many, I would like to point out that the most private and secure way to meet with a girl escort is to call a hotel or apartment, and although it is usually the most expensive, but it is resorted to by those who want to avoid negative consequences and to protect themselves as much as possible. Then follow luxury girls in elite apartments and suites – if it is a high level or premium class, then such a girl will work discreetly and for a long time, providing some safety and privacy to their clients, while maintaining a good, qualified level of service. Discrete apartments or parlors, where several girls work together, are usually aimed at a lower price segment, are more noticeable and accordingly may lead to higher risks and consequences, on the other hand their advantages include the possibility of choice among number of different girls, which is given to the client during each visit. In any case, how and where to spend your leisure time, who to give preference to and what service to choose – the decision is always yours and the choice is on your side.

Wish you having a good leisure time and a nice, carefree time!