Rehovot – the city of science and culture

Rehovot is located in the central district of Israel. Only 10 km from the Mediterranean Sea, 20 km from Tel Aviv, and 35 km from Jerusalem.

During the First Aliyah in 1890, Polish repatriates established an agricultural settlement independent of the power of Baron Rothschild. The name of the city in Hebrew means “open spaces”.

The chemist Haim Weizman, who later became the first president of Israel, founded the Research Institute named after Baron of Israel Moseca Zifa. On the basis of this institution in 1949 in Rehovot appeared the largest in the country Research Institute of Natural Sciences. H. Weizmann. By the way, the president was considered a resident, and his house-museum was opened on the territory of the institute.

Looking at the RevoVot map today, you will find all the attributes of a modern city: multi-story buildings and new buildings, parks and supermarkets, concert halls and cinemas, numerous offices and enterprises.

Modern Rehovot is rightfully considered a scientific and high-tech city, which plays a key role in the country’s scientific achievements.

This small colorful town is also popular with its own scientific garden. Claire, every year thousands of visitors visit it.

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