Purim – spring holiday and one of the most fun Jewish holidays in memory of the feat of Queen Esther and the miraculous salvation of Jews from death.

Jews around the world celebrate Purim on the 14th day of the month of Adar. In 2020, Purim will begin to be celebrated on the evening of Monday, March 9th. The holiday will last until sunset Tuesday, March 10.

Purim is a non-religious holiday, the events to which it is dedicated occurred in ancient Persia. Aman, the supreme dignitary at the court of Ahasuerus, obtained from the king the adoption of a decree on the complete extermination of all Jews in the empire. Through the efforts of the spiritual leader of the Jews, Mordechai and his niece Esther, who, keeping her origin secret, became the king’s wife, Haman’s plans were frustrated, and he himself died along with other enemies of the Jews. The day designed to exterminate the Jews turned into the day of their victory over the enemies and is celebrated as the most fun holiday.

On Purim, children are usually given gifts, often expensive, or money. This is due to the tradition that in the days of highest danger, when the Jews prayed and waited for death, the sages continued to teach the children of the Torah. It was a sign that the Jews completely entrust to the Almighty their fate and the fate of their children.

It is also customary to arrange funny performances on Purim – Purimshpili – and colorful carnivals. Purimshpili, in which, as a rule, both adults and children participate, are devoted to the events of Purim. People who attend these events love different types of pleasures, premium class escort services – this is one of them. People who attend these events love different kinds of pleasures, premium class escort services are one of them. At this time, there are many festivals and parties in nature, so Purim has long been considered not only a children’s holiday, but also a youth holiday, because the youth the whole year is looking forward to the opening of this holiday. Electronic music festivals such as Moksha (Purimoksha), Grove Attack, Unity, luxury clubs such as Nox, Ku, Jetset, Capsula and Bootleg.

Purim events are described in the Book of Esther, which must be read on a holiday with a large crowd of people. When the reader mentions the name of Aman, the children begin to stomp their feet loudly and crackle with rattles so that even the name of the villain is not heard.

Aman’s ears are considered a traditional dish on Purim, gomentash – triangular butter buns with poppy seeds. In addition, it is customary to give treats to friends and relatives. The tradition says that everyone is obliged to send as a gift to at least one friend at least two dishes. In this case, these are some foods that you can eat or drink immediately, without further cooking. Treats can be any, but, according to tradition, they are presented with a bottle of grape juice.