Netaniya – the largest resort in central Israel

Netaniya – the largest resort in central Israel

To the north of Tel Aviv, in the heart of the Sharon Valley is the city of Netaniya. In just forty minutes you can reach Haifa or twenty minutes by car, you can reach Tel Aviv as well as all the biblical memos of Israel.

Netaniya receives tourists almost all year round, from February to November. There are no beaches like Netaniya in any city in Israel, and the most popular are Sironit, Herzl, Bul Bay, Tsanz. Each of these beaches is unique in its own way and suits different tourists. For those who like to dance, the Seranit beach is suitable; for those who love outdoor activities, welcome to Herzl Beach. For lovers of fishing, Bul Bay beach, but if you want to plunge into the faith, come to Cans Beach.

Netaniya’s cultural celebrities are in no way inferior to luxurious beaches in their beauty. For tourists, museums of archeology are available: Beit Hagdudim, Pninat Shivtea Israel.

You can also get into the tropical forest, where orchids bloom all year round, waterfalls flow and unusual butterflies wave their wings – all this is Park Utopia Park. Netaniya also has Caesarea National Park, which you can reach by bus or train.

Holidays in Netaniya are a little budget compared to other cities in Israel. Housing can be chosen for every taste and budget. For you are available as 5 * hotels, so hotels and hostels.

Tourists are given a wide selection of cafes and restaurants, most of which are located on Independence Square. Please note that the serving size is usually very large, since eating in Israel is comparable to a national sport.

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