If you are coming to Israel and looking for a nice hotel, you landed the right place! Now, choosing a hotel in Tel Aviv, for example, is a little tricky, because you have to think about your location and what is the purpose of your visit, whether you coming for vacation or business or you want a small boutique hotel in the neighborhood. In the event that you want to spend more time on the beach, than take one of the hotels on the promenade, there are many and most of them are very good. We would like to recommend the Hilton hotel, which has a nice park next to it. The Sheraton hotel is on the promenade. These hotels are very close to the shore. For business and pleasure purposes there are two hotels we would like to suggest to you. Crown Plaza is located on the top of the Azrieli Center right next to HaShalom train station. It is also very close to Sharona the German colony. Hotel Indigo is located on the other side of Ayalon highway in Ramat Gan. It’s a combination of a business hotel with a boutique SPA hotel in the heart of that Diamond Exchange Mall district. Don’t forget that you never have to spend your time alone in any place. You can always count on our service just give us a call!