At 24 km from Tel Aviv, the city of Ramle settled, which means “sand”.

Founder of Ramla Caliph Suleiman. Since ancient times, the city of Ramle was a huge center of trade, which today is considered an industrial city.

A large number of ancient architectural and cultural monuments have gathered here. You can distinguish the White Tower – this is the last thing left of the white mosque built during the rule of Suleiman. The Cathedral, currently a mosque of Muslims, is striking in its beauty. Its beauty is not inferior to the underground pool of St. Helena. Arch of St. Helena, allows you to spend a unique boat trip.

Arriving in Ramla, you can see plants that can only be found in Jerusalem, Jaffa, and Ramla. This is a flower with the proud name “Sicilian snapdragon”.

Once in Ramla, be sure to pay attention to the sculpture of Shlomo Katz “Venus from Ramla”, where the author showed the White Tower. Also in the list of attractions is the grave of Private Worcestershire Royal Regiment with the famous name Harry Potter.

Unfortunately, there are not many hotels in Ramla. You can stay in the immediate vicinity of the city. These are the hotels Leonardo Boutique Rehovot, Kfar Maccabiah, Ben Gurion.

But Ramle will appreciate the cozy restaurants where you can try kosher Jewish dishes. Hummus Khalil restaurant with the best hummus in Israel may attract your attention. For lovers of oriental cuisine, the Fergana restaurant. If you want to plunge into the ancient era, visit the Amadeus Restaurant.

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