The fourth-largest city in Israel is Rishon LeZion. Tel Aviv is 12 km away.

To date, it is recognized as a city of trade and office work. Most residents are engaged in winemaking and software development. The industrial zone is actively developing. There are nightclubs and discos. The service of premium escort service is very popular. If you want to impress others with your companion, contact us and soon you will meet a top model or fitness model and spend a romantic evening with her.

The first place to visit is the Cinema City. It will seem to you that you are in the Jurassic world, since immediately at the entrance you will be greeted by installations of huge dinosaurs. In the complex itself, there are several cinema halls, a children’s area, and shops.

Rishon LeZion is also rich in shopping complexes: Rothschild – located in the central part of the city and Ha Zahav – located in the western part of the city.

The beach is recognized as the best in Israel. Strolling along the seashore, you can without noticing walk to Bat Yam. The beach itself is separated by a grid from residential areas. All buildings are located on a hill, so stairs descend to the shore. The beach is fully equipped for vacationers. Lounge chairs, cafes, bars, showers, and changing cabins are spread out on the shore. In the evening, you can come to enjoy the unusual sunset.

In the hot season, visit Superland Park. The number of attractions is fascinating: a funicular, a Ferris wheel, a railway, as well as many water activities. A very popular bungee. The central street of the city is Rothschild. A fair takes place here during the day, and at night once a week, from Tuesday to Wednesday, it feels like the city is waking up. Bars open, artists perform, as well as night bazaars.

Thanks to the efforts of the inhabitants of the city, Rishon LeZion has become a center of tourism. There are no problems with the choice of housing. You can settle in both a hotel and a hostel.