In Caesarea, every traveler is imbued with the spirit of ancient buildings. There is a settlement between Tel Aviv and Haifa.

The very first attraction is the hippodrome. Its size is amazing. Length 460 m, width 95 m, capacity 30,000 spectators. You will not believe, except for chariot races, the execution of criminals was also carried out here, gladiatorial battles were organized and the worst was the persecution between animals and people. One of the ancient architectures is the Roman Theater, which was built when Herod ruled. Not far from the theater is the one of a kind stone of Pontius Pilate. The narcissistic Herod also built a chic palace. Nowadays, it began to be used for local government.

Nahal Taninim is the natural beauty of Caesarea. Another name: Crocodile stream. The next most important attraction is the Nahal Miarot Park, consisting of caves in the Carmel Mountains. Public baths are very popular. Caesarea is called thermal. This is a huge complex that accommodates steam rooms, pools with warm and cold water.
Caesarea is now a calm and large reserve, with small beaches and restaurants.

Most of the entertainment is reduced to excursion programs, or if you have time, you can go to another city a few kilometers from Caesarea. There you have the opportunity to taste the most delicious wines. On the shores of the Aegean Sea, vacationers can have plenty of water sports: diving, water skiing, and other water activities.

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