The third-largest city in Israel is Haifa. The city is located at a distance of 90 km from Tel Aviv. On the one hand is the sea, on the other hand, is Mount Carmel. Mount Carmel is one of Haifa’s attractions. For locals, this is the “Vineyard of God.” She acquired this name when she received a large grape harvest. Only 100 km from Haifa and you are in Tel Aviv.

Haifa is divided into three districts. It begins with the oldest district, which attracts with buildings of architecture, beaches and a funicular, which allows you to move to other parts of the city. In the middle is the lively part of the city, consisting of industrial enterprises, trade centers, and many museums. It is followed by Upper Haifa – a district of cottages, high-rise buildings, hotels, and various restaurants.

The second distinguishing feature of Haifa is its port in the city center. Every day, its shores are filled with passengers, cruise and merchant ships.

As you have already noticed, Haifa contains various eras. Even for the most sophisticated tourist, there is entertainment. Those who like historical sites will appreciate the Bahai Gardens and the Baba Temple. For active tourists, it’s a cable car. It is also possible to visit Pelerin Castle. Those who come to plunge into the religion are always open to the Church of the Prophet Elijah and Stella Maris.

In Haifa, both expensive hotels, rented apartments and hostels are available for you. If you have visited all the attractions of Haifa, you can take a walk in the Hecht park or just relax on the beaches. Even for young tourists, Haifa offers an unforgettable, vibrant nightlife. Order a premium escort service and a chic call girl will not let you get bored.

Having visited at least once Haifa, unforgettable impressions of this city will remain with you forever.