More than 5 centuries ago, 55 km from Tel Aviv and 70 km from Jerusalem, the hot Ashkelon settled. It is one of the most landscaped cities in Israel. You can get there either by train or by bus. If you have your own yacht, you can anchor right on the coast.

Today, Ashkelon is divided into four separate districts. The area for trade is Migdal. Here you can either take a walk or take a peek into many shops, or just have a bite to eat. Hotels and villas are located in the Afridar area. Atikot district is a settlement of returnees. If you want to plunge into the wild, see exotic animals, visit the Dune area.

Ashkelon is a city of shopping centers. Geron: considered the earliest, but unfortunately no longer a popular mall. The largest of them, Huzot, is located in the north of the city near Migdal. For people from poor areas, a Lev shopping center was built near the Shimshon resort.

On the coast, at the foot of the Holiday Inn, there are a large number of cafes and restaurants at very reasonable prices. You can also eat inexpensive food in numerous pubs. For example, indigenous people often visit Flafel Boaron in Migdal. In hot weather, we recommend Beer Hole to enjoy delicious beer.

Popular Ashkelon hotels include Villa Luda & Spa, Rooms near the sea, Castel Ashkelon.

You can get acquainted with most of the memos in the Leumi National Park, on the Mediterranean coast. You will see the colonnades of the times of King Herod, the Roman amphitheater and the incomparable statue of the goddess of victory Nika.

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