There is a widespread belief that if a male voice answers your call, it is a clear sign that you got into an escort agency and not a private callgirl – an independent escort working for herself. But that's not quite right. A great many adventurous individuals use this kind of service and in doing so feel much better than those who do everything on their own.

Why do independently working ladies take advantage from using the services of an agent, telephone operator, manager, or even an escort agency? To make it easier to answer this question, let's draw a parallel and imagine a person providing services in any other field of activity, be it cosmetology, therapeutic massage or even such a very far from carnal pleasures field as jurisprudence. That's right: to reduce the workload, you need a secretary who will take over the routine and allow you to focus on your work as much as possible. No one likes the barber, who takes care of you and holds a pair of scissors in one hand and a mobile phone in another. Or for example a lawyer who doesn't have a secretary, what's the first thing that pops into your head? That's right: Is he a beginner or is he not a very successful lawyer?

Of course, you will say that there is the girls who handle requests from clients by themselves, and you would be right. Although these people usually do not have high ambitions, or they just do not want to give money to someone else. It is even possible that they count every penny and do not really believe that they deserve what they earned. While these girls will accept your money with a smile of happiness, but most likely you won't be able to fully enjoy their feminine attention not only in tet-a-tet meeting, but also at a party with friends or a business meeting, and you will end up, so to say, with a nose, and it is doubtful that you would want to repeat such an experience. And it's not even that women can do several things at once, on the contrary: there might even be men who were turned on by this, but that the maximum value in the scale of women's priorities, this is her good mood and frame of mind. A girl exhausted by a large number of constant dumb questions about the range and quality of her services, and often facing the awareness that time is wasted on an irrelevant person, can not be for you that nice lady or that bad girl, for a memorable experience with that you are willing to part with a tidy sum no matter what.

In order not to clog the head with distracting thoughts, to focus on you, to be tender, desirable and attentive, to create like an artist the unforgettable moments together with the one who really deserves it, who passed a thorough check and also respects his and others' time, such who have been professionally engaged by the agents to the customers of the highest league?

Those who generously pay to the girls, not sparing time and money, and for which one wants to do the maximum, including on the dedication, and fully reveal in front of him without rejecting the pleasure above all in the seclusion of herself with a courageous and respectable gentleman, which is actually a real recreation for adults.

In any case, if you have called the ad and you have been answered, ask your questions, be polite and calm, and if the conditions are acceptable – make an appointment, no – proceed to the next service provider, be it a male or a female voice at the other end – remember that this is still a business call and don't get your head in the clouds.