Modiin – environmentally friendly zone

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If you have a dilemma about what you prefer, a carefree resort or plunge into religion, the city of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut opens the door for you. Its location is unique, on the one hand, the beaches of Tel Aviv, on the other, majestic Jerusalem. Unfortunately, historical antiquities can now be attributed

Hot Escorts in Tel Aviv

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What is famous for the city of Holon?

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Even before the emergence of Israel as a state, Jews bought a piece of land located south of Jaffa. At this place, the following villages were formed: Green, Moledet, Kiryat Avoda, Shkhunat-Am, and Agrobank. Later they merged, the name Holon appeared and the status of the city was obtained. In

Kfar Saba – the perfect city to live in

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Kfar Saba is a city of tranquility and comfort. The city is located in the central district of Israel, 3 km from Ra'anana and Od Hasharon, 6 km from Herzliya, 10 km from Petah Tikva and 15 km from Tel Aviv. The city pleases the eye with its landscaping, cleanliness,

Yavne – a city with an ancient history

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You should definitely get acquainted with the culture of the Jewish people in the city with ancient history - Yavne or better known as Yavniel. It is located just a few kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea and borders the cities of Rehovot and Ashdod. It is best to come to

Center of Israel – Rishon LeZion

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The fourth-largest city in Israel is Rishon LeZion. Tel Aviv is 12 km away. To date, it is recognized as a city of trade and office work. Most residents are engaged in winemaking and software development. The industrial zone is actively developing. There are nightclubs and discos. The service of

What to see in Raanana?

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Raanana is the only city in Israel in which it is forbidden to build industrial enterprises in the city district. It is located 19 km from Tel Aviv. Neighboring cities of Raanana: Kfar Saba and Herzliya. Raanana is buried in flowers and greenery and is represented by one of the

Holidays in Ramle

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At 24 km from Tel Aviv, the city of Ramle settled, which means “sand”. Founder of Ramla Caliph Suleiman. Since ancient times, the city of Ramle was a huge center of trade, which today is considered an industrial city. A large number of ancient architectural and cultural monuments have gathered

Coronavirus and sex

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The network has divorced a lot of gossip and speculation on the theme of coronavirus. Let's try to figure out what is true and what is not. How can I get coronavirus and why not be afraid? Symptoms of coronavirus infection are much like the symptoms of a common cold

Caesarea – the oldest city in Israel

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In Caesarea, every traveler is imbued with the spirit of ancient buildings. There is a settlement between Tel Aviv and Haifa. The very first attraction is the hippodrome. Its size is amazing. Length 460 m, width 95 m, capacity 30,000 spectators. You will not believe, except for chariot races, the

Online dating in Tel Aviv

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It doesn’t matter for what reasons you are alone at the moment. Perhaps you are too busy at work and you do not have enough time to build relationships. Maybe you are very shy and embarrassed to go up to the girl and get to know her. Perhaps there is

Attractions of Haifa

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The third-largest city in Israel is Haifa. The city is located at a distance of 90 km from Tel Aviv. On the one hand is the sea, on the other hand, is Mount Carmel. Mount Carmel is one of Haifa's attractions. For locals, this is the "Vineyard of God." She

Bat Yam is not just a suburb of Tel Aviv

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Bat-Yam is the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. It is located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv and belongs to the Gush Dan district. Bat-Yam is translated from Hebrew as the daughter of the sea (mermaid). It is a very cozy and quiet city, you feel at home here. Bat-Yam

Escort services in Herzliya – The Resort City

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The resort city of Herzliya is located between Tel Aviv and Netanya. It got its name in honor of Theodor Herzl, the father of the idea of creating an independent Jewish state and the founder of the Zionist movement. Herzliya is the second financial center of Israel. In the chicest

Where to hang out in Jerusalem?

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If you think that Jerusalem is only a sacred place for Christians, Muslims and Jews and an object of pilgrimage for believers, and the young and active person has nothing to do here, then you are very mistaken. This city is full of life, in which the sense of time

Bars and Pubs

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Bar Ochel. Bar and bistro within Shuk HaCarmel serve the best kebab in Tel Aviv we love their refreshing white sangria too! Bell Cafe. Serves western dishes and local food, and has an indoor sitting area with a great view of the sea! Abbu Hassan. Serves delicious hummus that pairs

Have a walk in a company of pretty girls

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Assuming you’re up to see the most popular places with various types of entertainment in Israel? Then you may check Florentine district in Tel Aviv, where you can find bars and clubs with a great choice of beer and cocktails as well as Dj music and cultural graffiti movements. Upon

Hotels of Israel

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If you are coming to Israel and looking for a nice hotel, you landed the right place! Now, choosing a hotel in Tel Aviv, for example, is a little tricky, because you have to think about your location and what is the purpose of your visit, whether you coming for

Israeli Beaches and Promenades

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The Tel Aviv beach is miles across from one edge of the city to the other. Nice sandy places with water of the Mediterranean sea. Along the coast, you can find multiple bars, restaurants, big brand hotels or quite little ones. We may offer you one of our girls to